Turn-around time

The turn-around time may be everything between 2 days to weeks or even months depending on the kind of project you have in mind.

It all depends on the number of copies, the number of inks = number of times paper has to go through the machine and dry etc. If we need to setup your files for you, it also adds to the turn-around time.

If we have to order paper that is not our inhouse stock expect 5 extra days added to the turn-around time.

If you have a tight deadline contact us and let’s see what we can do.

Send us an email to get a quote at
Before sending us an email consider the questions listed here :)

Riso is in general very accessible and affordable.

The price will change depending on the number of stencils/colours used as well as quality and number of paper sheets needed. Look at the print guide to see what house paper we stock.

Increasing the number of prints will naturally lower the price significantly per copy. Printing 10 or more is usually the most economically sustainable. 

-We take 25 DKK per stencil/colour.

- Our paper costs 0,49-1,49 DKK per A3 sheet. Check the print guide to see which paper we have in stock.

- Coloured paper costs 4,09 DKK per sheet.

- We take 250 DKK ex VAT flat rate per hour for print service, trimming and binding as well as file set-up, design and creative consultancy work.

These prices are estimates to give you an idea of what your project might cost. Please get in touch to get a quote from us to get a price for your specific project. Consider the questions listed here and then email us at

We can't wait to print your project :)