Riso Print and Publishing Studio

Obra Press creates high-quality Riso prints out of Copenhagen, Denmark. In our small studio we help you finalize your printed matters - such as books, posters, flyers, business cards, menus, calendars and zines.

In January 2022 we finally opened a small corner café and store focused on showcasing printed matter, utilitarian crafts and sustainable products.

We operate a Riso model RZ570EP - a true one drum workhorse. A Risograph or Riso is a digital stencil duplicator first released in Japan in the 80's. It produces stencil paper prints using unique spot colour inks. It is low-cost, sustainable and appealing to everyone who values high quality, unique, tactile and vibrant prints. 

Obra Press was founded with the intention of co-building and supporting already existing creative communities by creating a physical space with room for learning, experimenting and growth. In short, Obra Press works to make printed matter more accessible, more sustainable and more collaborative.

The word ‘obra’ in Spanish means a number of things. It is the work of our hands, a craft and labor, a construction or building site, a piece of art. Obra turns thoughts into actions. We chose Obra as a name because we think that words can act and that words have lives and materiality of their own. Obra Press does the labor of printing and distributing your imagined worlds, making them into a physical and tangible object to hold, cherish and share with others.

Book launch! 📢🕖🌏

“With Dilemmas From The Future” a bilingual riso printed book by @minami_hirayama invites thought and conversation about tangible ways to become more aware and involved with sustainable design in the age of climate crisis. 

we invite you to think with us and join us for the book launch tomorrow  April 28th at oldermandsvej 29 starting at 16.30 😇
“With dilemmas from the future - What can graphic designers do in the era of climate crisis” by @minami_hirayama finally exists in the present!

We invite you to join us for a night of conversation and celebration on Thursday April 28th 16:30-21:00 here at Obra Press 📍

More than 100 pages Riso printed in yellow, blue and purple.

Thank you for your patience and trust @minami_hirayama we are eternally grateful to have printed such meaningful work💙
Yes, we are dog friendly 🐾

A4 Poster is designed by neighbor and fellow dog lover @pil_at 

Two editions. limited run. One printed in black and one in purple and green🐕
Riso print for @softer.insta 🌸 design by @eliserigollet ~ check out their upcoming event for softer digital futures ☁️

Printet with fluorescent pink + purple on @metapaper extrarough 120g paper.





Oldermandsvej 29
2400 Copenhagen