Riso Print and Publishing Studio

Obra Press creates high-quality Riso prints out of the lovely neighborhood of Nordvest, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. In our small studio we help you finalize your printed matters - such as books, posters, flyers, business cards, menus, calendars, zines, cassette covers - You name it! We are always up for trying out new things.

We operate a Riso model RZ570EP - a true one drum workhorse. A Risograph or Riso is a digital stencil duplicator first released in Japan in the 80's. It produces stencil paper prints using unique spot colour inks. It is low-cost, sustainable and appealing to everyone who values high quality, unique, tactile and vibrant prints. 

Obra Press was founded with the intention of co-building and supporting already existing creative communities by creating a physical space with room for learning, experimenting and growth. In short, Obra Press works to make printed matter more accessible, more sustainable and more collaborative.

The word ‘obra’ in Spanish means a number of things. It is the work of our hands, a craft and labor, a construction or building site, a piece of art. Obra turns thoughts into actions. We chose Obra as a name because we think that words can act and that words have lives and materiality of their own. Obra Press does the labor of printing and distributing your imagined worlds, making them into a physical and tangible object to hold, cherish and share with others.

Link in bio! 

Are you interested in Riso printing, small press, sustainability, graphic design and diy culture go ahead and apply! 

Vi prioriterer personer med handicap, queer, trans, nonbinære og BIPOC ansøgere. 

Absolutely not a fit if you’re not anti racist. And no queerphobic and transphobic behavior please🍃🌎💗

Please read the details before applying. You’re welcome to send us an email with any questions you may have! 

@uhortkollektiv made a zine about the concept of home for the @venomzinelibrary open call. We Riso printed it in 3 colors🖤💙💗 thank you for the trust and letting us work with you on this important project! You can buy the zine by contacting @uhortkollektiv 📕✨
Big thanks to everyone who came by Bumzen and showed interest in our little Riso press 🌿 and of course thank you @bumzen_collective for being cute hosts🦋 hope to see you all 🔜 again
'Swirl' to explore the potentials of riso  textures and gradients. Ongoing Obra Press experiment by @m_e_v_l

🌀A very limited amount of these will be for sale soon!🌀

Fluo yellow, black and green on 150g @metapaper extrarough warm white





Birkedommervej 35
2400 Copenhagen