How to make a print order

Before making your print order from us please consider the following questions and include your answers when emailing us. We cannot make a quote before having this information from you.

- How many ink colors will you be needing?

- How many A3 sheets do you need for your project?

- House paper or bringing your own?

- Single sided or double sided print?

- Will your prints need any cutting/trimming?

- Any book binding finishes such as stapling, stitching, soft or hard cover etc. needed? If yes, which?

Always include your full name or/and company name, address, CVR number (companies only) when making a print order. Thank you :)

Check out our print guide before submitting your print order.

If there is anything you are in doubt about please do not hesitate to write us on

We can also set up af meeting if you want to discuss your project with us :)